NYC Drag superstar on making sure your vote counts, maintaining pressure after the election, and personal political advice.

Drag Legend Lady Bunny on Miniskirts, Politics, and Finding Humor in Lockdown

on a balmy Wednesday afternoon, I sit down and gear up my laptop to talk to Lady Bunny over Zoom. Once we link, I ask simply: How are you doing? “Oh, just the usual weekday, arguing on social media with people I don’t know,”

Lady Bunny Is Still the Shadiest Queen Around

Three decades after landing in New York with RuPaul, Lady Bunny rules as New York’s reigning drag queen, even as a younger generation nips at her heels.

‘I Miss Sex With Strangers’: Lady Bunny Delivers Her Funniest Interview Ever

I found myself laughing hysterically while chatting with the one and only Lady Bunny. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise though given the amount of chuckles she’s given to millions of people throughout her illustrious career.

Wigstock Returns From the Dead

The outdoor drag festival will feature Lady Bunny and Neil Patrick Harris on Sept. 1 at Pier 17 in Lower Manhattan.

From Warhol’s Factory to today’s Los Angeles. Interview with cult artist Kenny Scharf

Of course when you are painting on top of an existing painting I listen to and look for underlying things the artist might have intentionally or unintentionally put in there. I like to let what’s their guide me on what to do next…